Current Season

  • AUG 18 – SEPT 3

    This charming operetta, which is based on Anton Chekov’s “The Boor” and George Bernard Shaw’s “How he lied to her Husband,” is set in Chicago in the 1900’s. Aurora has been mourning the loss of her husband (whom she really didn’t love) for one year and her cousin, Georgina, shows her that Spring has arrived […]

  • FEB 24 - MAR 25

    Floundering a bit after the death of his aged (and domineering) mother, Manley Carstairs, a self-styled literary artist, engages a housekeeper, Annie Dankworth, to look after his large Victorian house (and himself). When Annie first arrives, wearing sneakers and carrying her belongings in a grocery cart, Manley is taken aback, but she seems so eager […]

  • OCTOBER 2016

    Act I Monica, the daughter of Madame Flora, and Toby, a mute boy living with them, are playing while Madame Flora is away. When she returns, she is furious that they are not ready for the phony seance she has planned. They busily prepare, and when the three guests arrive for the seance, Suddenly, Madame […]

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