This charming operetta, which is based on Anton Chekov’s “The Boor” and George Bernard Shaw’s “How he lied to her Husband,” is set in Chicago in the 1900’s. Aurora has been mourning the loss of her husband (whom she really didn’t love) for one year and her cousin, Georgina, shows her that Spring has arrived and it’s time to start living again. Two unexpected men come knocking on Aurora’s door to collect a debt her late husband left – but Aurora will not pay the debt. An argument develops between Ted (who is owed the debt) and Aurora – which leads to a gun dual. While Aurora and Ted plan each other’s demise, Georgina falls head-over-heals for Ted’s ward: Henry, but Henry seems to be infatuated with Aurora. It’s a tangled web of high society tempers, love and farce – mapped out carefully in this delightful two-act operetta.

High Fidelity is a Chicago Premier that is brought to life by ColorBox Theatre working closely with the composer and librettists.


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